Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite seems like the kind of movie that happens when a couple of college students put together a film based on a comic strip character they invented when they were in high school. The end result is a movie that seems to have no point about a character who has no apparent redeeming qualities (he's socially inept, rude, arrogant, not very bright, dishonest, and unattractive, to boot). The movie was obviously meant to be a comedy, and it succeeded in being just as quirky as I'm sure it set out to be. But I just didn't get it. There was really nothing compelling about the story or characters for me. Still, I'm sure that it will become a sort of cult classic, and that years from now (or perhaps just weeks from now) there will be hordes of college undergrads playing Napoleon Dynamite drinking games.

Viewed: 7/31/2004 | Released: 1/16/2004 | Score: D

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