Alice's Misadventures in Wonderland

Alice's Misadventures was the last feature-length film we saw at the Newport Beach Film Festival, and fortunately we were able to get in a few shorts afterwards so we didn't end on such a bad note. I gave it one star because some of the writing was genuinely clever, but everything else about it was pretty awful. Even allowing for the poor filmcraft, which can easily be explained away by considering this a low-budget or semi-amateur film, the acting was universally terrible, and much of the production design, costuming, and makeup was actually disgusting enough to make me uncomfortable watching it. But everyone else in the theater except me and Juliette loved it. In fact, it's won audience awards at several festivals. So what do I know?

Viewed: 4/23/2005 | Released: 9/24/2004 | Score: D

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