A Lot Like Love

I had been mildly interested in seeing this one, but Juliette really wanted to, so of course we saw it. It was pretty good. Juliette compared it to When Harry Met Sally, and in some ways it is similar. Both movies follow the development of a relationship between a man and a woman over a number of years, giving us scenes that are separated in time by months or years. The main difference is that Harry and Sally are platonic friends for much of their film, while Emily and Oliver--the main characters of A Lot Like Love--are hardly more than acquaintances. I think if you like the one, though, you'll like the other. Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher had very good chemistry, which was really what made the movie so cute. Kutcher, especially, was notable for pretty much completely leaving behind the type of antics he became known for in That 70's Show and Dude, Where's My Car? (both of which, incidentally, I think are quite funny) for a more subtle, realistic, touching performance. The supporting cast was also pretty good, and it was fun to see Kal Penn as Kutcher's business partner.

Viewed: 4/30/2005 | Released: 4/21/2005 | Score: B

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