The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The film version of Douglas Adams' classic stood up pretty well to the novel, but as I left the theater I realized that the movie didn't really add anything to the Hitchhiker's Guide experience for me. Sometimes a movie adaptation really draws me in--the Harry Potter films, for example. But even though I thought Martin Freeman and Mos Def were very good as Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect, and even though I thought the film did a pretty good job of capturing the lighthearted spirit of the book, it didn't do much for me. Part of it may have been that the nature of film doesn't allow for quite as much digression as print does--and Adams' tangents were really the best part of his writing--but it may just be that I don't care as much about the books as I did when I first read them. Fun movie, though, so don't let my reaction stop you from seeing it.

Viewed: 4/29/2005 | Released: 4/28/2005 | Score: B

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