For Your Consideration

If you like the rest of Christopher Guest's mockumentaries--This is Spinal Tap, for example, or, more recently, Best in Show or A Mighty Wind--you'll probably like this one as well. This time, Guest and his cohorts take aim at Hollywood, and I'd say they found their mark. I particularly liked Guest's performance as the director of the film-within-a-film Home for Purim. It was a smaller part, but I thought he was hilarious. The film also absolutely nailed its parody of Access Hollywood. Catherine O'Hara was very good, but as the film went on her character became increasingly more difficult to watch. Anyway, it's probably out of theaters by now, but it's definitely worth a look when it comes out on DVD.

Viewed: 11/30/2006 | Released: 11/21/2006 | Score: B

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