The Holiday

This was a mostly cute movie that was pretty well wrecked by Cameron Diaz. Everybody else was pretty good--Kate Winslet did a good job as the other lead, Jude Law was charming and nice, Rufus Sewell was charming and self-absorbed, Eli Wallach was both adorable and poignant, and Jack Black was surprisingly sweet. It could have been a decent film, but Cameron Diaz was just annoying. I really don't understand why she gets work. She has almost no talent apart from a reasonable sense of physical comedy. Sure, she's good-looking, but there are plenty of good-looking actresses out there who can actually act. But enough ranting. Judging by Juliette's reaction--she thought The Holiday was "wonderful"--this one would probably be a good date movie. I'd say that it's otherwise quite skippable.

Viewed: 12/18/2006 | Released: 12/7/2006 | Score: C

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