Wait, Whose Party Is This, Anyway?

Jason really made out like a bandit on my birthday/Father's Day weekend.

He got a new tee ball set from our friends, Emily and Ari, which he loved.

A new toy!

He got to meet some new people.

He got his first baseball-park hot dog.

He even got his first baseball glove.

About the only thing he didn't get was a piece of my birthday cake, which, thankfully, we served after he went to bed.

My birthday cake

The rest of this week's set:



What a handsome little boy he's turning into! And I love the photo of all the little feet. Priceless.


Jason gets cuter all the time. You cake looks very yummy!

grandpa bean:

that's my grandson, yea me.


He is a very good looking kid.

I love the photo with the hot dog - he looks like he's not quite sure if he likes it or not!

Esther Sherr:

I really like that "friends" picture, with the sandals and the tippy toes. That one is really terrific.