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From: Derek

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OOC: I'm a bit confused about this town thing too. If a town is up there, wouldn't there be a much easier way up or around the mesa? Anyway, Allistair will go wherever Harp assigns him, hopefully in the middle.

From: Mark

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Sorry there is no town.

I do not know what I was thinking when I wrote that. I was just trying to get it done before I had to go do something else. See what you get when you rush greatness? :)

I will try and get something more out this afternoon.

From: Randy

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Ran watches as everyone gathers their equipment. He doesn't watch too carefully, not really expecting anyone to try to take eachothers stuff. As he watches, he opens up his journal and writes of his experience flying up to the top of the cliff. It had been amazing even though he wasn't the one in control of the flight he felt so free.

As Harp outlines the marching order, Ran offers his support of the plan.

From: Porter

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Mund doesn't argue with Harp about the marching orders.

From: Karl

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Salix is OK with Harp's suggestion.