It's the pits

From: Jason

Subject Through the looking glass

Ragnar, who had originally been contemplating a hanging drop with a good deal of trepidation, immediately likes Kal's idea and will be the first down unless anyone objects. He'll keep an eye out for traps, especially the stonework type that he would be more likely to notice.

/ooc Does the idea of a 4 foot tall character in full plate mail trying to do a hanging drop strike anyone else as funny?

From: Kevin

Subject Through the looking glass

Harp hears the others talking about getting their rope out and trying to climb down. Harp tells everyone to hold on and asks Surin if he sees any other triggers Harp may have missed. If Surin answers no (he sees nothing) then Harp climbs back down the handholds on the other side, walks across the pit, and stands at the bottom of the drop, his arms extended. He shouts up "I think I can help lift any of you who do not want to jump down the wall. Lower yourselfs over the edge and I will grab your legs and lower you down."

Harp is thinking mostly of Ragnar and Surin, since they are the smallest and the distance might be beyond them. If any of the others want to jump, Harp will try to disuade them, but will let them make their own decisions.

From: Derek

Subject Through the looking glass

Allistair looks about in wonder as he walks through the portal. He had studied about portals and other planes, but actually experiencing them was the domain of wizards much, much more powerful and knowledgeable than himself. He had no idea where they could be. An alternate Prime plane? One of the major outer planes? Some God's personal planar domain? None of the above? He had no way to tell. At least they had already bypassed the most difficult and dangerous part of planar travel: The Things You Take For Granted. Atmosphere, breathable air, solid ground, even gravity might be radically changed or even nonexistent depending on what plane the hapless unprepared traveller went to. Allistair had no idea what kind of Testing Grounds this was, but at least they weren't being tested on how long they could survive in hard vacuum.

The only other thing Allistair needs to find out is whether the laws of magic are the same here or not. The ready-to-release spells in his mind feel the same, but they could have drastically altered effects, or no effect at all, when the time came to use them.

Allistair approaches the Dwarf when he has a moment to talk. "Brother Ragnar, I think it would be prudent for me to conduct a small and hopefully harmless experiment to determine whether or not the nature of my magic is the same here. Would you have a small twig or piece of twine that I could cut or break and then attempt to mend together with my magic?"

(Allistair will then break it in 2 and mend it w/ 0th level mending. Better safe than sorry)


Allistair is paying attention to the lights coming from the wall when he hears a crash in front of him. While the party is examining the pit, he walks over the lights to examine them more closely. He didn't want to slow the party down to examine them, but now he has a few minutes to look at them.

OOC: Allistair will go along with whatever pit-crossing plan the party comes up with. He's not really paying attention to the conversation anyway. Afterall, it's only a 10' hole.