The first room and the inscription

From: Mark

Subject The first room

When he gets to the top of the pit, Harp is almost bowled over by Mund's leaping body. As he turns to see where the barbarian had gone, Harp notices that there is only a 10 foot by 10 foot section of hallway between the door and the pit. He calls back over the pit "Someone let a rope down into the pit and have Surin come over, if he would. I have had enough with traps for a day and I think we might want to have some one take a look at the door before we open it. There is no way we will be able to get everyone on this side of the pit with out opening the door."

Kal gets out his rope and quickly puts some knots in it to help Surin on his climb down. The halfling gives Kal a sour look and quickly unties the knots and reties them closer together, say in a position that a halfling might use. Kal and Ragnar then steady themselves as Surin lowers himself over the side and quickly lowers himself to the floor of the pit. The iron rungs on the other side are spaced a bit further apart then he would normally like, but Surin is able to make it up. When he gets there Harp says "Take a look at the door. See if it is locked and or trapped. If it is either, let me know if you can unlock it and deactivate the trap.

Surin takes his time looking around the door and the floor in front of it. He had studied locks in the past, and the simple traps that people sometimes use to deter common criminals. He sees none of the expected trip wires, pressure plates or spring releases. Turning back to Harp he relays his findings. "It does not seem to be locked, or at least in any normal fashion. I have not tested it yet. The same with traps. I would say that there are no normal traps on it. I can not speak for magical ones, but my guess would be that if this place is to test people, you would not bar the first door."

Harp nods and thinks a bit. "I am going to open the door then. Surin, would you mind waiting behind Mund in case something happens. Mund, if anything kills me, please do me the honor of killing it." Harp's sense of humor is lost on the barbarian, as he replies "Of course." Harp, sword drawn and ready, lifts the latch on the door and pushes the door open. As it swings open to his right Harp sees a large room ahead of him, filled with doors. The room is filled with the same light as in the hallway and it is empty.

Harp signals for the rest of the party to make it way across the pit. It takes several minutes for everyone to either climb down or make the leap.(Those with even or better bonuses, take 10 and make the leap. The others climb down and up the other side.) Soon every one is in the new room. This room is 50 feet east/west and 40 feet north/south. The door they just came in from is in the extreme SW side. There are no doors on the south wall but there are doors every 10 feet along all the other walls, for a total of 13 doors, including the one the party came in from.

Harp says "Surin, would you mind taking a look at the doors, and let us know if any of them are locked or trapped?" Surin nods and starts working he way around the room in a clockwise direction. Ragnar taps Harp on the shoulder and points to the south wall. Harp turns and realizes that there is writing there. A lot of writing. By this time the whole party is aware of the south wall, Surin included. As they look at the wall, Ragnar says "It is in Dwarvish." Kal says "It is in High Elvish." Surin says "It is in Halfling." Allistair finds this amazing. Looking at the wall he determines that it is in 10 different languages, one of which no one recognizes.

Here is what is written on the wall, in common:

13 Doors, 1 way out, 1 way in. 11 keys, 11 doors.

Without the right key, beware the floors.

After the maze and the doors,

You will leave here, if still alive, with mores.

Many creatures protect the keys.

But if you succeed, be on your knees

When you meet the master, he that sees.

It takes Surin only a couple of minutes to make his search of the doors. He lets every one know his findings. "First, only one door is locked, and that is the one in the middle of the north wall. That door is bound in copper and iron and the lock is made of copper. All the other doors are unlocked and not trapped as far as I can tell."

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From: Josh

Subject The first room

Are all the doors identical?

From: Mark

Subjec: The first room

Except for the one with the copper lock and bindings, yes.