The gateway

From: Mark

Subject The gateway

The party is almost surprised at how easy the ascent has been. They had kept expecting someone or something to pop out of thin air and attack them. So far the adventure had been fairly quite. Harp leads a discussion with the party members as to the marching order when they approach the gateway. It is finally decided that Kal, Harp and Ragnar will be in the first row, with Ran, Allistair and Mund in the second row with Salix and Surin bringing up the rear. The party members all seem to think that this is a good arraignment, Allistair in particular. Harp brings up one more point.

"I think," he explains, "that we should rest up a day and get back all the spell and grace we used today getting up here. While everything went simple enough, a lot of power was exercised today. I propose that we scout out this entrance but do not enter until tomorrow. Salix, would you lead us to the entrance." With a nod at the druid, Harp passes temporary leadership to the 1/2 elf.

Salix bows and says "Follow me, it is not really far." The plateau is not really large or very flat. The walk is much like what they have been doing the last week or so. The horses would have been almost useless in this terrain. After about an hour Salix turns and informs the party "The gateway, I think, is just over this next ridge." The party's step quickens a bit and they breach the ridge line. There ahead of them, some 200 feet away, glowing in the mid morning sun, is a shimmering blue doorway. The doorway is 10 feet wide and 15 feet high.

OODM: Any comments. It is now the third day after the door was to appear.

From: Kevin

Subject The gateway

Harp follows Salix through the rough terrain. It was certainly unlikey that they would be surprised by any wandering groups up here, he thought. But as he had been trained, he would never assume anything. When they finally stop just short of the portal, he will ask Ran to help organize the camp and a watch schedule. He will also suggest to Allistair, Kal, and Ragnar that they spend a little time studying the portal, to see if there is anything they can glean from its outward appearance. Harp will then pitch in in setting up camp.

That evening, before settling in, Harp will try to approach the assorted "magic" users to discuss what skills they may be able to bring to bear. He is looking to make sure that they do not overload on any particular blessing or spell (OOC: Like the overbearing and control freak that he is). When he has a chance, he will suggest to Ragnar that maybe they should pray together as the embark upon this next leg of this quest to recover this holy relic.

OOC:Guys, check your spell lists. It is my guess that our DM will be really picky about that in the coming encounter.

From: Mark

Subject The gateway

He is right about the spell list. The day you guys enter the Testing grounds I am going to print off the character sheet from Sakeriver. That is the spell list I am going to be going with. If it is not on there then you do not have it prepared.

Review your memorized spells/prayers. You have a day or two.

Remember this is going to be a dungeon crawl. It will be controlled by magic so do not expect encounters to make "sense" in the normal "how can that creature survive in this area with this other creature right next to it."

From: Jason

Subject The Gateway

Ragnar walks toward the gateway, stopping several feet in front of it. From his point of view, it is a towering, imposing sight. He kneels down and offers a prayer of thanksgiving, and again expresses his dedication to see Heironeous's will accomplished.

Once complete, he will quickly agree to the suggestion to wait a night, and will spend some time talking with Harp about what to prepare. (ooc: I'll fix my spell list tomorrow morning when I'm at home:ooc) He will also at some point cast a detect magic out of curiosity and examine the gateway more closely. He won't get too close, but he's especially curious about the back.

From: Porter

Subject The gateway

Mund pulls out his lute and starts bellowing out a rousing rendition of a song about a dwarf and his daughter, Mercy*.

OOC: Bonus points for whoever can figure out what song this is.