Through the looking glass

From: Mark

Subject Through the looking glass

Most of the party is a bit disturbed by what Ragnar reports. Only Mund seems unconcerned by the report. Harp notices the looks passing between the party members. "Remember" he says "we have been sent on this mission by the order. The person who created this place was a friend of the order. I do not think that it will kill us outright. From the name, The Testing Grounds, we can assume that there is some danger, but that we must prove ourselves. How we are to do that, I do not know, but hopefully we will be able to figure it out. Now let us turn in for the night and prepare for the morn." There is little resistance, although Mund does supply the party with his version of a lullaby.

The next morning Harp has everyone up early. They eat a hot meal and prepare the best that they can for the unknown ahead. Prayers are said, spells are memorized, gear is stowed and packed. Spell components are placed in small pouches for easy access. Armor is checked, weapons are sharpened and lashed into place. With a couple of hours to go until noon Harp calls for the party's attention. "It seems to me that we are as prepared as we can. I would as Brother Ragnar to lead us in a prayer before we start this next leg of the mission. Ragnar is not surprised at this request and quickly recites a prayer to the lord of Battle asking for strength and courage in the coming hours and days.

The party lines up, with Ragnar and Harp in the lead. Since the doorway is only 10 feet across they will have to enter two across. Next in line are Mund and Ran with Allistair and Kal bringing up the third row. Salix and Surin bring up the rear at the moment, although Surin is sure that if any sneaking is needed he will be called to the front lines.

In the waning dawn light the two step through the portal and disappear. As planned the rest of the party follows, two by two. As Salix and Surin prepare to step through, Surin comments, "I hope we can find our way back." and the two take a step.

Each person's reaction to the portal is the same. There is a sense of disequilibrium, movement and displacement. Each stumbles, just a bit, getting their footing back. They find themselves in a 10 foot wide by 20 foot long room. On one wall, up near the top, a small stone set in the wall glows with a pale light, illuminating the small room. To the east is an open doorway with a set of stairs heading down. Even though the stairs are lit the bottom can not be seen. "I don't think we are in the Wildland's any more, Mund."quips Allistair, but the joke is lost on his brother.

Harp looks around. "Well, it looks like down we go." and he and Ragnar start down the long stairs. The metal of their armor clanks loudly in the stone hallway. Surin cringes at the noise, knowing that everything with in 100 feet will know that they are coming. The party follows the two down the stairs. Allistair easily keeps count in his head. 100. 200. 300. At 350 the stairs stop and the hallway continues on to the west. Just as in the stairway, there is a glowing brick high in the wall every 15 feet or so, providing light for the party.

The party moves with a bit a caution and after about 40 feet they can see a door about 50 feet away. Harp in his eagerness fails to see the slight change in color of the floor in front of him.(Spot check, DC15, 4+3=7, fail) Ragnar however does notice the change(Spot check DC15, 14+4=18, success) but not before Harp sets off the trap. As Harp places a second foot on the stone floor, he feels the floor give and he falls into the pit beneath.(DC20 REF save, 4+4=8, fail, damage 3) He lands with a loud clang at the bottom of the pit. Several of the others look down the 10 feet to the bottom of the pit. "Are you ok?"Ragnar asks. "I am fine, but my pride is bruised." As he gets up he notices a set of iron hand holds on the west wall. Taking a bit more care this time, Harp works his way up the wall and to the other side of the trap.

Ragnar looks at the pit with distaste. As he studies it, Mund says "Clear way." From about 20 feet back Mund takes a running start and leaps the pit easily. (DC10, 18+12=30) When he lands he turns to the other party members and says "Come on, it is just a little pit."

OODM: Ok guys how do you want to get over the pit. If you are not familiar with the Jump skills and such let me give you the following info, as I have figured it.

Ragnar is -9 to jump, Ran is +2, Kal is +4, Surin is -2, Salix and Allistair are even.

From: Josh

Subject Through the looking glass

Kal, noticing that Ragnar is wearing too heavy armor and that Surin is likely too small to make the jump, pulls out his rope, finds a place to secure it (using his grapling hook if necessary), and throws the free end into the pitt.

"Everyone climb down, then walk across to the handholds Harp used. After that's done, I'll collect the rope and make the jump. Watch for traps down there, just because Harp didn't spring it doesn't mean it's not there. I suggest Surin goes first."

Kal's got 50 feet of rope on him, and we only need it to dangle about 10 feet into the pit, so I don't think it will be a problem finding a place to secure it. If there's nothing within 40 feet, we can always tie two ropes together to go further back.