The Summoning

From: Mark

Subject: What to offer

"I do not know of anything close by" Agrana says "But my summoning will compel them to help us, if only for a limited time. However, you are correct in that it would be better if we could offer them something in return. I have nothing that would entice them. How about you folks?"

From: Mark

Subject: The Summoning

Agrana looks at the party "Let's make a small camp. We might be here for a while" Salix nods and the party spends a few minutes setting up a basic camp. Agrana settles her self on the ground, pulls out a golden holy symbol of holly and oak leaves. "This is a prayer that my master taught me. It is a variation on the normal summoning spell most druids can use. It trades compulsion for duration. Normally any creature we summon stays for a very brief period of time before returning to where it came from, but it must do our bidding. I am sure, Greenbrother, that you have used this type of summoning prayer." Salix nods yes.

"This variant takes longer to do but allows the creature more free will and lasts longer. The creature summoned will be able to stay about 10 minutes or so. Hopefully that will be enough time for it to find something out. I can only do this a couple of times a day." Agrana seems to shift her perceptions as she starts her chant. At first the others only see her lips quivering as she mumbles so quietly they can not hear her even in the quite of the tunnel. Slowly, minute by minute, her voice increases in volume. The language is none the others understand. Salix realizes it is not the secret language but something about it sounds familiar. It is odd hearing such deep bass notes and low sounds coming from such a small figure.

For ten minutes she continues her chanting, tracing a repetitive pattern on the holy symbol. Near the end she is practically yelling, her voice calling out in supplication. When her chant reaches its crescendo she reaches forward and touches the stone in front of her with her holy symbol. From the ground a figure starts to rise up. The other four recognize the shape as that of a xorn, but whether it is Delves Deep or not they can not tell. A booming voice rings out "Who summons" and there is a long string of sounds that the companions know they could never pronounce.

Agrana faces the figure, looking up at the one eye that is facing her "I, Agrana, druid of Obad-Hai, of the UnderKingdom, summon you. I have chosen you because of an old friend of yours. Salix." Salix sees the eye facing him blink once with a heavy lid. The hand on his side of the creature moves in a circle and the voice speaks again "Salix? The druid that helped free me and my companions from entrapment? Yes I see him now. My friend, I had not thought to see you again, but I am hardened at meeting you again. How may I help you, as you helped me?"

OODM: Salix and the others can role play this. Agrana is exhausted by the summoning. I am also going to post this as the first post in the forum. You should make your replies there.

From: Karl

Subject: What to offer?

"I have some gold. I know they like that."